Siva Chockalingam

Senior Consultant

Siva is an accomplished and dynamic global professional, boasting over 13 years of invaluable experience in leading teams across services, support, and customer success. Her passion lies in assisting companies in translating their business goals into tangible reality by strategically leveraging IT Systems and Data for the implementation of both large and small-scale transformation projects.

Prior to her current role with the CREO team, Siva held leadership positions at esteemed organizations such as CVS Health, MetLife, Iron Data Solutions, and Lexis Nexis. Her leadership roles have spanned multiple industries, including IT, insurance, healthcare, retail, and government. Siva’s commitment to people, coupled with her unwavering passion for technology and belief in the transformative power of innovation and digital solutions, have been instrumental in shaping and defining her impressive professional journey.

Siva’s extensive experience ranges from hands-on positions across multiple disciplines to leadership roles overseeing global technology programs. With a deep understanding and firsthand experience in areas such as customer success, service delivery, CRM implementation, and program management, she has successfully led both large and small multi-discipline teams across diverse global vertical markets.

Throughout her career, Siva has consistently championed a common theme – the development of both people and tools to drive strategic decisions, enhance operational efficiencies, and elevate customer retention and satisfaction. As Siva joins the CREO team, she brings a wealth of skills to the table, including her ability to listen attentively, analyze intricacies, communicate effectively, plan meticulously, train comprehensively, and execute with precision.

In her role at CREO, Siva is not merely continuing her professional journey; she is contributing to a new chapter where her expertise converges to drive innovation, foster growth, and ensure the success of both the team and the clients.

Areas of Focus

Enterprise CRM Systems and Technology
Customer Data Management, Sales Automation, Customer Support and Service
Analytics, Reporting and Dashboards