Shane Holzworth

Senior Analyst

Shane brings his experiences from across various industries and roles to CREO. From his beginnings as a tennis pro and coach he has transitioned into the Healthcare industry. After receiving an MSA focused on Health Service Administration, from Central Michigan University, he landed his first leadership role as Client Service Manager for Centria Healthcare. He wasted no time in successfully building, coaching, and counseling his care teams in order to provide the ultimate client experience to those in need of Pediatric Nursing and Catastrophic Injury Care.

Shane’s most recent accomplishments came in the role of Integrator and Chief Compliance Officer for Cosmetic Dermatology and Vein Centers. He was tasked with taking long standing practices and becoming a catalyst of change to realize ownership’s new vision. In his first two years, he successfully reduced expenses, increased revenues, and led the company to its highest profits since 2013.

Shane now brings his focus and talents to the Business Operations Manager role through his successes performing and integrating leadership, team building, process improvement, strategic planning, change management, project management, and compliance.

Areas of Focus

Strategic Implementation