David Sullivan

Senior Analyst

David is a member of the CREO team that joined in 2022 and is motivated to apply the skills that he earned from achieving his bachelor’s degree at Dakota State University. Majoring in Network Security and Administration, David was able to gain experience using network devices that are developed by industry leaders. While working on these networks he was able to learn how to accurately plan, develop, and implement networks while also following ISO standards.

David joining the CREO team has given him the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry. He intends to use the skills developed here to make a lasting impact on the organization along with the projects that it works on.

David has a passion for security which helped him learn the skills required plan a project and follow it through, while ensuring industry standards are met. He also has a passion for cybersecurity and has developed his own tools to keep up with the latest developing cyber-attacks.

Areas of Focus

Computer Networking
Data Analytics