Connor Riley

Business Development Manager

Connor Riley is a seasoned sales representative with a passion for the Life Science industry, he dedicated the past four years of his career to mastering the intricacies of this niche market. Equipped with a deep understanding of the industry and a knack for building strong relationships, Connor has forged lasting connections with emerging Biopharmaceutical customers. His journey in sales began with a curiosity about technology’s role in healthcare, leading him to specialize in Oracle Life Sciences’ eClinical solutions where he saw an opportunity to make a tangible difference in patient care.

As a Business Development Manager, Connor’s approach is marked by his unwavering commitment to prioritizing the needs of his customers above all else. He firmly believes that success in sales is about understanding the unique challenges and goals of each customer and offering tailored solutions to address them. This customer-centric philosophy has earned him a reputation as a trusted advisor in the industry, with clients often seeking his expertise for guidance on optimizing their clinical trial processes.

Connor joined the CREO team in 2024 ready to use his experience and expertise to create, maintain, and build relationships with emerging Biopharmaceutical customers. By listening to his customers and understanding the obstacles they face, Connor and his team at CREO will be able to support a wide variety of growing Life Science organizations. His passion for improving patient lives, combined with his work ethics and communication skills will enable his customers to be as efficient and successful as possible.

After graduating from East Carolina University, Connor and his wife, Niki, purchased their first home in Lexington, South Carolina. Niki is an incredible 7th grade math teacher and in their free time, Connor and Niki try to spend a lot of their time outside whether its golfing, playing fetch with their French bulldog Teddy, or hanging out on the lake. Outside of Life Sciences, Connor possesses a strong passion for microengineering and has spent years of his life learning the ins and outs of high horology watch and high-end supercar making. In addition to his personal and professional endeavors, Connor is deeply committed to continuous learning and staying on top of emerging trends and innovations in the Life Science space. With his blend of expertise, dedication, and team spirit, Connor makes a lasting impact on both his customers and colleagues alike.

Areas of Focus

Business Development
Growth Strategy
Clinical Trial Operations