Bob Riefer

Managing Director

Bob’s well-rounded background began 25+ years ago on the industry side where he gained firsthand experience in multiple sectors, and across a host of functional areas. With a strong interest in having a ‘tangible impact’, he gravitated towards a strategic marketing role in the life sciences space where he was a key member of the team that launched a minimally invasive lumbar spine implant. This was an inflection point for Bob – the clear and direct tie from his work to improved patient outcomes was exactly what he had been searching for and led to him shift his career towards Life Sciences consulting over the past 15+ years.

Since becoming a consultant, Bob has repeatedly found that his past life as a corporate leader has enabled him to relate to clients and see issues from their perspective. A pragmatic, action-oriented approach, combined with a personable and connecting style, has enabled him to build deep and longstanding relationships across life sciences organizations, especially the global pharmaceutical space.

Bob often focuses on driving large transformational, cross-enterprise efforts on the commercial side of pharma organizations. Over the years, this has included work ranging from brand strategy, portfolio promotion balancing, and campaign development through forecasting process improvement, sales channel optimization, and operating model design. But, perhaps most notably, Bob is passionate about product launch where the tangible benefit to patients and physicians, as well as the value to the client organization, is so acute and meaningful.

His first launch experience came as ‘boots on the ground’ program management to guide a global organization’s first Immuno-Oncology launch. Before long, Bob was elevated to an advisory role, effectively acting as chief of staff to the executive launch leadership team. Building out a center of excellence to support this first launch, and subsequent planned launches, soon spread to be company-wide and across therapeutic areas … and then to other clients and types of organizations. All these years later, Bob has gained end-to-end experience around the opportunities and hurdles involved in life sciences commercialization, and has used that knowledge to guide clients, mentor team members, and bring value to the industry.

Aside from the ‘day job’, Bob and his wife Megan have raised two wonderful children (almost empty nesters now!) and he is a professional-level woodworker focused on designing and building custom fine furniture in the 1902 barn that he rebuilt on his property in Montgomery County Pennsylvania.

Areas of Focus

Product Launch
Commercial Operatons
Cross-enterprise Transformation