Project Management Office

We drive execution of strategy through the discipline of Project and Program Management Office, tailored to deliver in the context of your company culture.

Organizations with growth plans often experience underperforming projects, project delivery disconnected from strategy, or gaps in optimizing available resources to align with the fewest most important projects. 

Leveraging project management office capabilities will help answer the questions: Am I doing the right projects? Am I doing my projects right?

We drive execution of your business strategy through:

PMO Maturity Model Assessment

Assess current state PMO operations in the context of business needs and organizational maturity.

PMO Roadmap Development

Develop recommendations to grow maturity in PMO operations, sequenced over time.

Project Portfolio Management

Principles to ensure projects are driving intended strategic alignment through business case development, prioritization, and sequencing.

Program and Project Delivery

Drive execution of projects and programs to achieve objectives across value, scope, schedule, and budget.

Resource Management

Develop processes to quantify resource utilization across your portfolio to remove bottlenecks in project delivery.

Turn the discipline of project management into a company asset.

CREO empowers growing organizations to effectively pursue transformation by aligning teams and processes to get everyone pulling in the same direction for exponential gains. Explore our additional services to better your outcomes.

Business Process Optimization

Applying the discipline of business process to drive scalability and consistency in customer delivery.

Additional Growth Acceleration Services

Optimize your operating model to expand capabilities and scale.